Innovation labs

Drinking from the Fire Hose

At the beginning of the program, each candidate will go through a series of meetings to assess personal and business goals, strengths, learning style, and abilities.

From these meetings, a customized learning program will be created.

Reading assignments will come as fast and heavily as a person can take them in, and customized to a given person's reading style.

Likewise, the topics to be discussed will be highly focused based on each fellow's direction and what is best for that person. It will be like drinking from a fire hose.

The fellowship will cover three areas: business, using innovation in technology, and being able to understand what other people think. These topics will be intermingled with each fellow's goals, and time will be focused on creating business relationships, sales and recruiting, leading a company, building a culture, hiring the right people, creating something of value, and mentoring, among many other topics critical to success in business.

This is not a class in finance (except as it applies to running a business) nor will there be any focus that would direct a person to working at any type of bank or government entity in any capacity. Most fellows will likely eventually run their own businesses, and be highly successful at doing so.

The reading will be heavy--comparable to what would be read during a 2-year MBA or other Master's degree at a major US university--compressed into 6 months. At the same time, though, there will be significantly more material covered than just what is presented in the reading, as the work will be specific to each person. The pace will be much faster--what most fellows have wished for their whole lives. The only limit to what can be learned will be how fast ideas can be assimilated in the brain, which is far more than most people are allowed to believe. The work will be "real-life" and immediately useful, not just based on theory, and will be focused on what each fellow will be doing individually after completion of the fellowship, and what their contribution to the world will be.

Because the work is so customized and focused, there is no busy work, no homework, there are no tests, and there are no grades. No one ever feels exhausted because fellows in this program have yearned for this kind of pace their whole lives, and each person can drive the pace as fast as they can go, and faster than they've ever moved before. The focus is on learning what each candidate wants and needs depending on their personal goals. Because there is no fluff and the focus is individual, ideas can be presented in parallel, and moving from one idea to another can happen extremely quickly. There is no focus on ideas that are not in the direction that the fellow is going.